Hello Again


One thing about me is that, well, I have a lot of opinions, I don’t necessarily share them too often because while opinionated I’m also rather shy, so I usually keep my opinions to myself (usually shaping up my arguments in the shower) or to my parents.
Bless my parents, they must have listened to me rant passionately about a thousand different things, from racism to reality TV.
Another thing is that I love to write, but I’m insanely worried that what I have to say won’t interest anyone, which I’m sure is a common concern of many introverts out there.
To be honest one of the things keeping from posting on this blog was the fact that I had no idea what direction I wanted it to take. I must have read a thousand posts about blogging and how to grow your blog and how to find your audience, these posts were great, insightful and wonderfully written but it didn’t change the fact that I had NO idea what I wanted to talk about. Would people rather read about music, my life, my studies ? Was my life even interesting enough to fill up a blog ?  
So, after about a year of overthinking here I am. Is it scary ? Absolutely. But well, it’s  hard to grow an audience and do those posts justice if the audience doesn’t have anything juicy to read.
Spring brings new life, and finally some warmth, as someone who’s mood greatly depends on the weather, let me tell you the sun coming back is doing great things for my mental health. So with the spring’s promise that this is going to be a whole new chapter in my story:
Hello again, and welcome to my blog.